About me

My name is Ida De Rosis and I want to present my creations. I will say that I grew up in a family that has given me a taste for beauty and well-made things. Studying architecture made me deepen the knowledge of art, graphic design, style. I worked as an architect for several years ... and then I started designing bags that are inspired by contemporary art masterpieces.
My intolerance for homogeneity led me to design objects that could be distinguished by form and color variety. The painting that best describes my feeling is Magritte's Golconda. It depicts men in bowler hats, all exactly the same, pouring down like rain from the sky on an equally modular city. A masterpiece that, probably, already in 1953 challenged the approval of our society. I started wearing my bags without saying that they were my creations and I noticed that they were very much liked by my friends. This was the first test that I put on my bags and from there I started to think of a small production. I looked for the best leather and the best craftsmen in Italy.
These are my bags.
My handbags are made entirely in Italy, mainly in Tuscany, by careful hands of the artisans who made our nice country’s craftsmanship unique. The hides, the best on the market, are also rigorously italian and they are purchased in Vicenza and in Tuscany, because each bag must be the best expression of our italian way to make fine goods.