My bags are handmade in Tuscany and Marche, Italy’s world renowned regions for the craftsmanship in top quality leather processing. In my path towards excellence, I have been fortunate to meet wonderful people, expert and generous. Being blessed with so much care and love for beautiful things well done constantly fills me with joy and feeds my enthusiasm. My artisans live immersed in a landscape that recalls the evocative atmosphere of the paintings by Fattori, Signorini, Pellizza Volpedo, and that makes it an even more enjoyable and rewarding job. Enriched in such experience and expertise, these artisans are able to transfer all this beauty in what they create. To them I owe so much and will never cease to be grateful. They immediately believed in me more than I believed in myself and for this reason I feel compelled not to disappoint them.

They are my real angels!